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Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are information files, including unlimited textual content, that are stored on the user's computers in order to improve the performance of the website. These files allow the user to be recognized and the website to be adapted to his preferences. Cookies usually contain the name of the website to which they belong, the time they are stored on the user's computer, and a unique number.

What are cookies used for?

Cookies are used to adapt the content of the website to the preferences of the individual user and to optimize the work with the specific website. They are also used to compile anonymous general statistics that help us understand how the user works with websites, which helps to improve their structure and content, while not having access to personal user information.

What cookies do we use?

LaDy box uses two types of cookies - temporary and fixed. The first are temporary files that are generated on the user's computer until he exits the website or closes the application he is using (web browser). Fixed files remain on the user's computer for a period of time specified in the cookie parameters, or until they are manually deleted by the user.

Mandatory cookies

These cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the website. Such cookies, for example, allow users to log in to their account or complete an order successfully.

Analytical cookies

These cookies help us track website traffic and allow us to analyze how our users interact with it (Google Analytics cookies). This type of cookie does not cover any information about your personal data and is anonymized. These cookies, for example, show us which pages of our site you have viewed, whether you have visited our site via a mobile or other device, and other anonymous data.

Functional cookies

These cookies are used to facilitate user interaction with the site. For example, they allow you to use the "Remember me" feature when logging in to your account.

Precise targeting cookies

These cookies provide information on how you have used our website and may be triggered by our advertising partners. Thanks to them, you will not be shown information that is not of interest to you. These are dynamic cookies on Facebook, Google, and others. They do not store personal information

Third party cookies

These cookies appear as a result of third-party tools that are integrated on our website. For example, the Facebook API (Facebook login options, Like Facebook, etc.) creates cookies so that it can function. These cookies are managed by the respective services and are not controlled by us. For our part, we cannot provide a technical possibility to ban them. Therefore, if you do not want them to occur, you should not use the external tools listed above integrated into our platform.

The cookies used by LaDy box are configured by the website itself when you visit it, and they can only be read by it.

Do cookies contain personal information?

The personal information that is accumulated through cookies can only be used to perform certain operations for the user. Such information is encrypted in a way that makes access to it by unauthorized persons impossible.

Management and settings of cookies

You can choose whether to accept cookies or not, as well as what type of cookies you would like to accept, in the following ways:

Settings through your browser:

You can disable or restrict cookies through the settings of your web browser. Every modern web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc.) provides opportunities to:

settings for accepting cookies - disabling and enabling

view the created cookies

delete created cookies.

A more detailed description of how to manage cookie settings via the browser can be found below:

Stop cookies for Internet Explorer

Stop cookies for Chrome

Stop cookies for Firefox

Stop cookies for Safari

Settings via External tools:

You can use the Google Analytics cookie opt-out option located at the following address: Following the steps described for opting out of Google Analytics cookies, you will install the “Add- on ”on your browser, which will essentially block the functionality of Google Analytics cookies. You can stop access to certain cookies of your choice through the portalвашият-избор .

It is important to know that you can change the settings of cookies that you receive from our site in the browser you use at any time. Please note that if you restrict certain types of cookies, our site may not work completely correctly, you may not be able to use all the features.


If you have any questions regarding this Cookie Policy, please contact us.

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